My weight loss journey so far

I have been on a Jenny Craig eating plan for eight weeks now and I have lost a total of 7kg.  I still have 20kg to go until I reach my goal.  I have also lost a total of 27cm across my body measurements.

The Jenny Craig Plan (I wont call it a diet) involves eating a healthy balance of food groups in appropriate portioned sizes.  I words I chose in that last sentence was deliberate as in the past my food choices have been poor when it has come to portion size and balance.

The Plan works by providing portion controlled meals (ie pre-packaged food) to help break poor habits and to kick-start the weight loss.  When you get half way to your goal you start to wean yourself off the pre-packaged food by cutting down the days that you eat the standard meals and begin to prepare your own food.  You continue to be supervised and mentored by a Jenny Craig consultant until such time as you are able to maintain your goal weight without the help of the pre-packaged meals.

The Plan also requires a modest amount of exercise and to date I have been walking.  I have an elliptical machine and a bicycle but the elliptical can get a bit boring and Cairns is not a cycle friendly town so cyclists need to be a brave bunch to play with the 4WDs.

I am reasonably pleased with my progress to date as I did have one backwards week over Easter when didn’t have the Jenny Craig food and chocolate eggs featured quite a bit in the cuisine of the week. :)  Never mind as I had a good time and I don’t regret the minor setback.

I am posting this as I plan to track my progress to being lighter and fitter.  My goals are to be fit enough to go on long long hikes and my ultimate goal is to be able to go on multi day hikes in some of the lovely places around Australia and the world.

The good things about the diet so far is that I am clearly noticing the weight loss already as my clothes are looser on me and I have one set of stretchy pants that probably now need to be “recycled” as they are falling off me.  The only drawback is the pre-packaged food side of things – my partner and I don’t eat together any more as we are now preparing separate meals often at separate times.  Hopefully we can remedy this when I start to move back to my own (new and improved) cooking.

Note that this post is not a paid or promoted endorsement of Jenny Craig – it’s just my way of being accountable for my weight loss and progress towards fitness.

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